Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Current October...but Almost November!

Listening: It has been extremely windy here in the Pacific Northwest the last few weeks! Our tree DID have colorful leaves until the gale force winds blew them off! 

Loving: Fall is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE season of all time! So when it was October and still 80 degrees, I was not a happy camper!

Thinking: There were only a few classes I HAD to take this semester. I took an extra one "for fun". What on earth was I thinking?! It's my first semester as Washington State University and my first semester back in school in over a year! I just need to make it to December! 

Wanting: Hubby and I just moved into a new house 2 weeks ago...midterm week! So needless to say, my midterms came before unpacking! I'm hoping to get unpack...before Christmas (we'll see!)

Needing: See the many, many, many things above that cause me to need more hours in the day!

Book: School book! I'm taking a history class on immigration to the United States. Very interesting and informational!

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